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For 2010 the H.R. bait line is available Worldwide from Kim and Richard Hornbeck of Belpre, Ohio (USA). Both Kim and Richard have over thirty years in the fishing business and offer an extensive line of tackle for all species from the top manufacturers today. Along with the H.R. bait they carry a vast amount of Musky tackle of all types. They will ship immediately in stock H.R. models or other tackle. Should they not have what you're looking for,  they would be happy to expedite getting it for you. Kim and Richard are long time fans of the H.R. Bait and sold some of the first baits ever made over a decade ago. Baits cover the walls at Hornbeck's in an almost Disneyland like array of colors. There is no place like Hornbeck's and no finer people to deal with for your next H.R. bait or any other tackle you require.

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